Cogli l'occasione di provare un ristorante Alajmo a condizione vantaggiose. Scegli il locale, scrolla le date, abbassa il prezzo e compra subito il tuo tavolo.

Open From Tuesday to Sunday for lunch from 12.00 to 14.00

Closed from Friday January 1, 2021 to Thursday January 21 with reopening at dinner.

Closed from Tuesday August 10, 2021 to Thursday September 2 with reopening at dinner.

No shorts or sandals for men.

We love children, but we also love a quiet dining room, therefore we do not accept children under 8 in our main dining room. Younger children are invited to dine in our priviate dining room, when available. Also, please note that do not have high chairs or booster seats. If you decide to bring the children with you, we ask you to pay the utmost respect of the other guests.

Pets are not allowed in the restaurant. If you have a special request, please contact us ahead of time.