Welcome to J-FARM

Love of the land and a focus on research, experimentation and innovation are the common corporate values at the core of J-FARM, the new joint venture between H-FARM and the Alajmo brothers who are preparing to take over the all food and beverage services on the H-FARM Campus, the largest innovation hub in Europe, located just outside Venice. 


Le Cementine will reopen for lunch on Saturday, February 20th with a new menu curated by Max Alajmo, who will maintain the restaurant’s farm-to-table philosophy while introducing his culinary principles of lightness, depth of flavors and respect for ingredients. The menu will feature dishes typical of the Italian countryside cuisine with many of the vegetables sourced directly from the vegetable garden, already present on the campus. Even the lagoon, with its rich biodiversity, will be the protagonist of many dishes with both vegetable and fish elements. “Cementine tiles open our gaze to the earth, to simplicity and to the rediscovery of meaning. A distillation of authenticity that combines hospitality with the reassuring pleasure of naturalness ”, says Max.

Highlights from the menu include whipped salt cod on a wafer with Venetian shrimp; chicken liver risotto with sage; and fried radicchio with buckwheat sprouts, spicy sweet-and-sour sauce and cedar pine nut sorbetto. Also look for papà Erminio's beef tartare and mamma Rita's vegetarian version made with beetroot. 

For the moment, Le Cementine will only be open for lunch from 12 to 2:30 pm from Wednesday to Sunday.

To book
Tel: 327/6774581


Towards the end of March, AMOR Milano, the Alajmo family's fast-casual pizza concept originally opened in Milan will move to a much larger space on the the H-FARM campus in order to accomodate more people.

The menu, based on Max's patented steamed pizza, will also include other café-style options for students and visitors to the campus. Order will be taken using a digital order management platform designed by H-FARM, in keeping with the young and dynamic environment. Like AMOR in Milan, Philippe Starck has designed the new space, bringing the iconic spirit and creativity of AMOR to the H-FARM campus.

La Serra has traditionally been the H-FARM employee caffetteria located in the heart of the property, but is also open to the guests. Designed as a greenhouse with glass walls and filled with plants, the space is ideal for events. 

After researching and developing the Venetian steamed pizza concept for AMOR, we turn our attention to classic Neopolitan pizza. With our team, which includes chef Mattia Ercolino and the pizzaioli of AL4, we are currently experimenting with flour, yeast and toppings in search of taste and lightness."

In addition to our restaurants and cafes, we have added a small gourmet food shop, In.gredienti, located inside the Welcome Center of the H-FARM campus. Guests can purchase everything from fresh bread to pastries from Il Calandrino. The shop was designed to give the opportunity to H-FARM employees, students and guests to recreate the Alajmo experience at home.