The AMOR menu is based on ingredients and dishes that are easily recognizable and simple. The focus remains on the authenticity of the ingredients, on lightness and the importance of taste. The menu is based on Max's patented steamed pizza, which appears as Veneziane, or mini, round pizzas, Mask.Calzini, small, steamed pockets; Mask.Calzoni, crispy pizza pockets finished in the oven for extra crunch; and Focaccias, three flavors of dough filled with seasonal ingredients. In addition, guests can choose from all-natural hot dogs, hamburger, salads and dessert.


AMOR is a fast casual restaurant in the heart of H-FARM Campus. Designed by Philippe Starck, it is housed within 324 square meter building divided between two floors where guests can enjoy their meals, study and relax.

From February 12ve to 16th :
opened from 9am to 6pm
February 17th: 8.30am - 4.30pm

February 18th: - 6pm