Art. 1 Definitions

1.1 The terms defined below are used in these General Conditions with the meaning described in this article and are shown in alphabetical order.

1.2 "Account" is the personal area of ​​each customer in the App.

"Alajmo" is the Alajmo companies S.p.A. with registered office at Via Liguria 1-35030 Sarmeola di Rubano (Padova).
"Alajmo Smiles": loyalty points awarded by the Alajmo customer.
"Alajmo + Club": the loyalty program created by Alajmo through the App.
"App" is the application Alajmo + Club.
"Barcode": identification bar code assigned to each customer need to support the collection of Smiles Alajmo and by which you can make payments in Local.
"Customer": the consumer who uses the services provided by Alajmo and which carries the inscription App. Under Article. 3 for Consumer Consumer Code shall be deemed the natural person acting for purposes outside his trade, business, craft or profession.
"General Conditions": these General Conditions of Use that govern how to use App.
"Coupons": promotional information about events organized by Alajmo.
"Main Menu": dashboard that makes money instantly visible the following sections: Home; Gift; Barcode; Maps; All.
"Page": the individual sections within the App.
"Page": the individual sections within the App.
"Awards": products or discounts to which the customer can avail using Alajmo Smiles.
"Local" is the local Alajmo S.p.A. which it has acceded to this trade initiative.
"Shop": e-commerce portal for the sale of the products or services of Alajmo.
"Reverse Engineering": is the activity that consists of the analysis of the detailed operation, design and development of App, in order to trace back from the final product to the initial design mode, and realize a new program that has a similar operation.

Art. 2 Introduction
2.1 The App was created for customers who join to Alajmo + Club and will use the APP at the premises and in the shop for every economic transaction.

2.2 The Client, following the purchase of products or services, can earn and redeem Smiles Alajmo getting a prize.

2.3 Before inclusion the customer is required to read and understand and accept the Terms and Conditions as well as any other information that provides Alajmo, of which he is allowed to store, printing, archiving.

Art. 3 Object

3.1 These Terms and Conditions governing the terms of use and how to use the App by customers, as well as the ways in which the customer can participate in Alajmo + Club.

3.2 The installation of the App, the use of its functionality and registration is free.

Art. 4 Entry App

4.1 The customer can download the app directly on your smartphone or on your tablet using Google Play or App Store.

4.2 In order to use the app you must have the customer you sign up by clicking on "Sign up as a new customer" and proceeding to the compilation of the relevant form. The customer is required to fill out all required fields and marked as such by indicating truthful information.

4.3 Specifically must indicate:
- First name,
- Last name,
- Date of birth,
- Type,
- Country and Number of Mobile,
- E-mail,
- Password,
- Confirm password.

4.4 The Customer may enter, optionally, its image. The chosen image will be suited to the context of use of the App.   

4.5 For the registration being completed, it is necessary that the customer accepts, after having carefully been vision, the general conditions by ticking the appropriate box.

4.6 Following "Point and click" on "Continue" the customer confirms its registration and the app automatically creates the account and assigns your barcode to the customer.

4.7 The customer can update and correct the personal information entered and change the image directly from your profile.

4.8 The customer can hold a single account.

Art. 5 Methods of access and services offered by app

5.1 At the outcome of the registration, in order to be able to use the services offered, the customer will have to access his account by entering e-mail address and passwords indicated in the registration form.

5.2 Once the access outcome, the Home page opens in which it is indicated: the total balance of the Alajmo Smiles accumulated, the remaining credit, the summary of the various activities carried out and the Alajmo Smiles assigned or of which the customer has used.

5.3 By clicking the icons in the main menu you can view, in addition to the home, the following pages:

  • Gift: in which the Coupons that Alajmo promotes to the customer are indicated;
  • Barcode: to be presented in the cash in the venues adherents for the purpose of collecting the Alajmo Smiles and / or to make a payment;
  • Maps: which allows to identify the place where the premises are located and, if localization is allowed through their device, the distance between the customer and the room;
  • ALL: that allows access to the pages: Profile, containing all the information that the customer has included at the time of registration and modifying them; Statement, which summarizes all the activities carried out by the customer and their detail; Notifications, matching coupons and promotional messages that Alajmo sends the customer via app, who we are, which presents the activities of Alajmo; Terms and conditions, where the customer can find the methods of collecting the Alajmo Smiles as well as these General Terms and Conditions, disconnecting that allows the customer to exit his account.

Art. 6 How to collect and use the Alajmo Smiles

6.1 Whenever the customer makes a purchase at a venue at the time of payment, your barcode must be presented to the chest, so that Alajmo proceeds to scanning and the related Alajmo Smiles are loaded. If the purchase takes place via the shop, the customer proceeds to access Alajmo + Club via the widget on the web page.

6.2 Each room and the shop are entitled to accumulate a variable amount of Alajmo Smiles for each euro spent.

The amount of Alajmo Smiles expected for each room and for the shop is indicated by Alajmo at its own website also reachable from the app to the following page https://alajmo.it/pages/alajmo-club. When the pre-established quantities of Alajmo Smiles, the customer reaches a loyalty level for which certain prizes are provided, available at the website page indicated in this article. The level of loyalty reached by the customer is also stored for the following year. If the customer in the following year does not reach the number of Alajmo Smiles relating to the level of loyalty reached the previous year, he will lose, the relative level for the following year.

6.3 If the client is without barcode and omitted to present it at the cash desk, it will not be possible to benefit from the expected advantages and no complaint will be accepted.

6.4 The customer can view the total balance of the Alajmo Smiles Home. On the Home are also summarizes the activities carried out recently by the customer and the available balance. Clicking on a single activity, the customer can view all the details containing information: the date when the activity was carried out; amount in euros of spending and performed Alajmo Smiles; Alajmo of Smiles earned; the premises in which it was carried out of business or purchase through the Shop.

6.5 Alajmo Smiles may not be redeemed for cash but may be used for purchases on the Premises or in the shop. The Customer may also earn Alajmo Smiles App charging a sum of money and using the Barcode as a payment method, as described in art. 7

6.6 The Customer may also view the Alajmo Smiles, the activities carried out and Alajmo Smiles used in the Statement of Account page.

6.7 The Alajmo Smiles accumulated by the customer do not expire, unless the failure to purchase and, therefore, the failure to use the APA for a period exceeding 18 months. In this case Alajmo reserves the right to proceed with the cancellation of the Customer Account and related Alajmo Smiles, as specified in art. 11.1. Therefore, the Customer is required to make at least one purchase, be it at local or via the Shop within the 18-month period starting from the last purchase made.   

6.8 The Alajmo Smiles accumulated by each customer are not transferable to third parties.

6.9 The customer can redeem the Alajmo Smiles presenting in the Local Barcode and stating that it intends to use them and indicating the prize for which you want to use.

6:10 If you wish to request a prize you must have sufficient Alajmo Smiles. If the Prize consists in a product, it is not possible to make a partial payment for the same.

6:11 The Alajmo Smiles redeemed can no longer be used.

Art. 7 Payment by Barcode

7.1 Your use of the barcode as a payment method is only possible. If the customer wishes to use the Barcode as a payment method the customer can anticipate for its future purchases a sum of money at Local pouring in cash or in the manner permitted payment.

7.2 In this case, the App has the same function of a prepaid card. The App is not connected to any circuit or bank credit card and / or the Client's debt.

7.3 The customer can anticipate a sum of Euro 50.00 or Euro 100.00 or Euro 150.00. In any case, the advance can not be in total exceed the value of law if it is carried out by means of cash.

7.4 The advance payment will be credited instantly App by producing its own barcode.

7.5 The accreditation of the App money does not mean that the customer can make the payment in cash or in different ways without using the Barcode. In this case, the performance of the barcode will only be required at the end of the loading of the Alajmo Smiles.

7.6 The customer can view your remaining balance on the Home Page.

7.7 In case of failure to use the APP for more than 18 months, Alajmo reserves the right to cancel the account, as specified in art. 11.1. Failure to use even part of the advanced sum within the said period, is not entitled to any refund.

Art. 8 Alerts & Coupons

8.1 Alajmo through the App to send discount coupons and customer Coupons in order to inform them about current promotional offers, on Alajmo events, the products and services offered.

8.2 Discount coupons and coupons can be created by Alajmo in favor of the individual customer. In this case through the analysis of the purchases present in the Alajmo app it will propose to the customer in line with its tastes by sending the same notifications and custom coupons. For any further information, see to privacy information.   

Art. 9 Theft or loss

9.1 The customer undertakes to maintain the secrecy and security of his own access credentials and not to use his account to third parties. The customer is also required to properly guard your device on which the app is installed and, for safety purposes, exit your account at the end of use.

9.2 If the customer does not remember the password will have to click on "I forgot the password" and enter your e-mail address indicated in the registration form and follow the procedure indicated.

9.3 In the event of theft or loss of the device in which the app is installed, it is necessary to immediately signal to Alajmo by e-mail to be sent to the address marketing@alajmo.it. Alajmo as soon as possible will block the use of the account.

9.4 Alajmo will not in any case be responsible for use by a non-legitimized subject of the Alajmo Smiles or the credit present in the app.

9.5 Also the loss of the credentials and / or loss and theft of the device in which the app is installed do not give the right to reimbursement of the credit loaded into the app and the accumulated Alajmus Alajmus creditation.   

Art. 10 Using the app by the customer

10.1 The customer undertakes to:

  1. a) Enter the data in the app truthfully and complete and use an image consona;
  2. b) use the app for the purposes for which it was designed;
  3. c) Care the credentials of access to the app with diligence and do not give them to third parties;
  4. d) redeem the Alajmo Smiles and the credit present in the app within the terms described above;
  5. d) promptly inform Alajmo of the loss of the device on which the app is installed;
  6. e) do not violate the intellectual property right of Alajmo;
  7. f) do not carry out Reverse Engineering operations, decompilation or disassembly of the app or part of it;
  8. f) Do not violate the current legislation in terms of intellectual property of others, as well as the current civil, administrative and / or criminal legislation.

10.2 Any use of the app in violation of these provisions may result in the cessation or suspension of customer rights to use the app, as well as the cancellation of the account by Alajmo.

Art. 11 Deadline and cancellation

11.1 Registration does not have a expiry date. However, in case of not use of the app for 18 consecutive months Alajmo reserves the right to cancel the account prior notification to the customer.

11.2 The customer can proceed with the cancellation of your account at any time directly from your profile by clicking "Delete Account". The elimination of the account is immediate, therefore the customer can no longer access it.

11.3 The deletion of the app does not involve the automatic account cancellation.

11.4 The cancellation of the account involves the loss of the Alajmo Smiles and any residual credit present at the time of cancellation without any repayment right.

11.5 If the customer, within 15 days of cancellation decides to re-enrollment in the app will have to communicate to Alajmo by e-mail to the following marketing@alajmo.it . Alajmo undertakes to restore the profile within the next 5 working days.

11.6 In the event that the Customer proceeded to re-enter the app beyond the aforementioned term, it will have to create a new account through the registration procedure referred to in art. 4

11.7 In the event of a re-registration, the customer will not be entitled to reimbursement of the Alajmo Smiles or the credit present in the account at the time of cancellation.

Art. 12 Treatment of personal data

12.1 The app. It was carried out in compliance with the EU reg. 679/2016 and of the national legislation regarding the processing of personal data.

12.2 Alajmo undertakes to maintain the security of personal information in accordance with the legal requirements and to adopt all reasonable measures to ensure that personal data is protected by unauthorized access, loss, disclosure or destruction.

12.3 For more information on data processing, refer to Privacy Information.

Art. 13 Customer service

If the customer needs assistance or information regarding the use of app or promotional offers in progress, you can send your requests to the following e-mail address: marketing@alajmo.it.

Art. 14 Responsibility exclusions

14.1 Alajmo uses a third hosting for the operation of the app. Therefore, it will not be responsible, in the event that any changes to this hosting should create problems for malfunctioning of the app.

14.2 Alajmo cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions of the services caused by app maintenance work, technical problems on machinery, server, routers, telephone lines, telematic networks, its ownership or third-party companies in charge of service provision .

14.3 Alsoì Alajmo will not be responsible in the event of a redemption of the Alajmo Smiles or the use of the account of the client by unauthorized third parties.

14.4 Alajmo will not be responsible for any access to the app or any damage and / or losses, both direct and indirect, deriving from the use of the app in a manner not in accordance with what is established by the General Conditions.

14.5 Alajmo cannot be held responsible for data incorrectly collected and stored within the app. These data must be reported in the app correctly and truthly.

14.6 The prizes, promotional initiatives offered to the customer and the timing of validity of the same are determined discretion from Alajmo and accepted by the customer.  

Art. 15 Intellectual property

15.1 Alajmo is the only owner of the intellectual property rights of all the contents present in the app.

15.2 The customer declares to be the owner of the photographic rights of the image entered in his profile.


16.1 The contents of the app and the general conditions are available in Italian, but can also be made available in different languages. In the event of a conflict between the Italian version and that in another language will prevail the Italian version.

16.2 AlajMo will change the conditions for the outcome of the introduction of new services and / or in the hypothesis of legislative changes. These changes will be given a special notice to the customer who can consult the new General Conditions in the dedicated section.

16.3 The use of the app subsequent to the notice referred to in the previous point, constitutes the implicit acceptance of the changes made to the General Conditions.

Art. 17 Applicable law and competent hole

17.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by Italian law.

17.2 In the case of disputes and contestations concerning the interpretation and execution of these General Conditions Alajmo and the customer will try to turn to a goody solution within 20 days of the first dispute.

17.3 After the aforementioned Alajmo term and the customer give a further 40-day deadline for an attempt at conciliation, also through the Institute of Civil Mediation pursuant to Legislative Decree 28/2010 and relative implementing regulation.

17.4 Spread unnecessarily these Terms, Alajmo and the Customer can add the competent judicial authority identified in the consumer hole.