“Our mission is to warm hearts with the beauty of the region and the atmosphere of his special, historic location. The menu was designed to honor both the history of the former restaurant, as well as the context of where the restaurant is located. Guests will find typical Italian mountain fare revisited in a contemporary key.” Max Alajmo


The kitchen is headed by chef Mattia Barni, age 30, who has worked with the Group since 2014, first at Ristorante Quadri, then for three years alongside Massimiliano (Max) at Le Calandre, then at Sesamo in Marrakech and most recently as head chef of AMO in Venice. The front-of-the-house team is led by Davide Del Re, a young and extremely capable manager who has spent time at both Le Calandre and Caffè Stern, while the wine program is overseen by Gabriele Siroli, previously in the dining room at Le Calandre.


"Alajmo Cortina is intended to feel like home away from home. Dishes are served on a vintage collection of old Richard Ginori, Bernardeau and Limoges porcelain. Our staff is attentive and professional, but also relaxed and extremely décontracté. Alajmo Cortina is the epitome of what my brother and I look for in restaurant today." Raf Alajmo


Dedicato ad Alfredo Beltrame, fondatore di El Toulà, il Bar Alfredo
è uno spazio dove soffermarsi per un aperitivo in compagnia, sorseggiando una flûte di Champagne accompagnata dal caviale fresco Alajmo o da altre preparazioni semplici e veloci.

February, Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th, Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st.
April, Monday 10th

We love children, but we also love a quiet dining room. Please note that do not have high chairs or booster seats. If you decide to bring the children with you, we ask you to pay the utmost respect of the other guests.