The food of the Italian countryside by Max Alajmo


The menu is a play on "countryside cuisine" that relies increasingly on vegetables from the garden located next to the restaurant. In addition, many of the ingredients, both fish and vegetables, are sourced from the Venetian lagoon, rich in biodiversity. “Le Cementine offers us to reflect upon the earth, simplicity and rediscovering meaning in the little things. It’s a distillation of the genuineness that combines hospitality with the reassuring pleasures of nature.” - Max Alajmo


“Wine is the poetry of the earth"- Mario Soldati, Italian writer and director The wine list at Le Cementine highlights the diversity of grape varietals, terroir and wine-making regions in Italy and beyond.


The vegetable garden provides a colorful backdrop to the restaurant. Our chefs hand pick seasonal ingredientsdirectly from the garden each morning.


The kitchen brigade is led by Mattia Ercolino while the dining room staff is in the expert hands of Michela Gobbo who leads a team of young, passionate individuals.


Le Cementine is located on the grounds of H-FARM in Ca ‘Tron Treviso, a stone’s throw from the Venice lagoon and accessible via the Sile River. Surrounded by trees, a large green lawn and a vibrant vegetable garden, the restaurant offers an immersive experience in the cuisine of Max Alajmo, based on lightness, depth of flavors and respect for ingredients. Le Cementine takes its name from the colorful cement tiles, cementine in Italian, that cover the interior of the restaurant. These majolica tiles, originally from the region of Puglia, are all hand-painted, making each one different and unique. Surrounded by glass walls on all sides, guests have the impression that they are dining al fresco even when it’s cool outside. In the warmer months, a verdant pergola allows guests to fully enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings and is ideal for outdoor celebrations.

It’s possible to arrive with your own boat and dock on the public dock on the Sile River. The dock, however, can’t be booked in advance.

Villa Fiorita
Via Giovanni XXIII, 1
31050 Monastier di Treviso
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Borgo Cà dei Sospiri
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