These General Conditions are relevant to the product purchase by means of the automated network on the site belonging to Alajmo S.p.A. with a registered office in Rubano (Padua), 1 via Liguria, fiscal code and V.A.T. 04384890283. 

These purchases are reserved to final consumer Customers (meaning a physical person who buys a product for a purpose that does not refer to his/her professional activity); therefore, subjects, such as shopkeepers, wholesalers, resellers, professionals, etc. who intend to sell the products to third parties are excluded. 

Every purchasing operation will be ruled according to Legislative Decree no. 185/99 and, as concerns privacy protection, it will be ruled by the regulation of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and any following amendments.

Acceptance of the general sales conditions

By sending the order confirmation via computer, the Customer unreservedly accepts the general sales and payment conditions specified hereinafter and undertakes to follow them in his/her relationship with Alajmo S.p.A.. Therefore, the Customer will declare that he/she has read and accepted all the provided information according to the above-mentioned regulations and acknowledges that Alajmo S.p.A. is not bound to other conditions except if these are agreed upon before in written form. 

Customer obligation 

The present online General Sales Conditions should be read by Customers visiting the site before confirming his/her order. Therefore, when the order is sent, it means that the General Sales Conditions are known and accepted completely. 

The Customer commits and undertakes the provision of accurate and true data and, after the purchase procedure online, he/she will print and keep these general sales conditions already read and accepted during the purchasing phase in order to completely fulfil the condition specified in articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999.

Purchase method is an Internet site where wine and food, objects and literature relevant to gastronomy and cookery art are sold.

The purchases of products, available as they are shown in the relevant description and technical charts, are performed by the Customer with prices specified here that will be confirmed when the order is sent. The transportation costs will also be displayed at the moment of the purchase and automatically calculated according to the real weight and space occupied by the parcel.

Before the purchase confirmation, the Customer will be shown the cost per unit of each selected product, the total cost in the event of purchasing more than one product and the relevant transportation costs. 

Confirming the purchase, at the transaction's completion, the Customer will receive an email containing the date, the total order amount and other details relevant to the order itself.

For orders over 20 kg, the purchase will not be completed directly and the Customer will have to be contacted directly by Alajmo S.p.A. in order to define the method to execute the order.


The payment of the purchased order and relevant delivery costs will be performed when the order confirmation is sent by means of Visa or Cartasì or by a bank transfer in favour of :

Monte Paschi di Siena - Agenzia di Sarmeola (PD)

Alajmo S.p.A. - Via Liguria, 1 - 35030 Rubano (PD)

IBAN: IT 17 A 01030 62790 000002472313 


The online transaction will be carried out by Monte Paschi di Siena.

For credit cards payments, the user's data will be encrypted according to the (Secur Socket Layer) SSL Sistem directly on the Monte Paschi di Siena server, which guarantees the safety of the data transmission according to the bank procedure in force. 

The orders paid by bank transfer will be executed only after the bank has confirmed the payment.

The orders from abroad can be paid only by credit cards.

Product delivery

The orders will be executed only when all products are available. If all ordered products are not available, upon a Customer's request, a partial execution of the order can be carried out, but, in that case, the Customer will be charged with the delivery costs of each delivery. 

The purchased products will be delivered by Alajmo S.p.A. to the address specified by the Customer by means of an express carrier.

The carriers used will not call before making their delivery nor will they follow requests to deliver the goods at a specific time. The first delivery will be carried out without notice. In the event of the Customer's absence, the carrier will leave a message and try the delivery again in the next 24 hours. In the event that the Customer is still absent, a new notice will be left and the Customer will have to contact the carrier to define the delivery details. If even this attempt is unsuccessful, the goods will be returned to Alajmo S.p.A., which will cancel the order without reimbursing the Customer. In this case, Alajmo S.p.A. is entitled to debit the Customer's credit card the additional shipment expenses for the returned goods.

Every delivery will contain a specific product list.

According to the regulations in force, Alajmo S.p.A. is not obliged to issue any fiscal document for the online sales of its products; nevertheless, a receipt will be issued upon the Customer's request at the moment of the order. In that case, all the necessary data will have to be provided and the invoice will be issued and sent together with the goods.

The deliveries of products paid by credit card, except for inconveniences not depending on our will, will be likely made within 72 hours from the order within Italy and from 10 days within Europe and other countries. 

The deliveries of products paid by bank transfer, except for inconveniencies not depending on our will, will be likely made within 72 hours from the bank notice within Italy and from 10 days from the bank notice within Europe and other countries.

During holidays, Alajmo S.p.A. is not responsible for possible delivery delays that are due exclusively to the service conditions of the carrier.

The orders received on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be processed the following Tuesday.

At the moment of the delivery, the Customer should check the following:
that the number of delivered parcels corresponds to the number of the transportation document, 
that the parcels are integral, not damaged, wet or altered. Even paper, adhesive strips and strings must be integral. 

Any damage or lack of correspondence of the number of parcels must be immediately claimed to the carrier by writing the words "acceptance with reservation" on the transportation document and later confirmed within 3 days by e-mail to:

Only after this check should the Customer accept the delivery. After that moment, he/she will not be entitled to claim either the quantities of parcels nor the external characteristics of the delivered goods.

In the event that the delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered ones, an email specifying the found anomalies should be sent to within 2 days from the reception date. 

Shipments to foreign countries

For orders coming from out of Italy, possible customs expenses must be payed by the customer.

Shipments to the USA, Canada and America

Because of the FDA restrictions relevant to the importation of food and wine, it is not possible to deliver our products to the USA, Canada, Caribbean counties, Central and South America. 

Purchase of services

Purchases of services can be made through the website, in the sections called "Carpe Diem" or “Give an experience”. The services include vouchers for meals at our restaurants or the request for specific tables or, again, the offer of items accessories at meals, such as bottles of wines, etc ... (from now on also the "Services").

In the case of the purchase of one or more Services, the Customer accepts the following specific conditions 

(i) in case of booking a meal at one of our restaurants, the Customer, by confirming with the references of his credit card, expressly accepts that (a) in case of cancellation at least 72 hours before the day on which the reservation refers, to be charged on the credit card indicated as guarantee an amount equal to 50% of the order; (b) in case of cancellation of less than 72 hours but more than 24 hours, he will be charged an amount equal to 80% of the order and (c) in case of no-show (so-called "no show") or cancellation with notice less than 24 hours will be charged the full amount of the order.

It is understood that these conditions will apply only to the booking of meals, given that the different types of purchases will be governed by the following cases.

(ii) In case of purchases, jointly or separately from a reservation, it being understood that the Customer will leave his / her credit card details as a guarantee as in the previous case, in case of cancellation Alajmo will send, at the Customer's expense, the items purchased at your address, charging the cost to the credit card left as a guarantee;

(iii) Finally, in the event of the purchase of a specific reservation for the tables of the Gran Caffè Quadri restaurant overlooking Piazza San Marco, in consideration of their very limited availability, their online purchase will involve immediate payment by credit card and, in the event of cancellation, regardless of when it arrives, the amount will be withheld by Alajmo SpA.

In the event that the purchase was made to be given as a gift to third parties, the Customer must indicate this and ensure that the third party to whom the gift is addressed shows a copy of the voucher that will be sent by email upon arrival at the restaurant.

It is understood that, with regard to the purchase of the Services, the provisions set forth below for the hypothesis of withdrawal will not apply, unless the purchase is made at least thirty days before the date of the expected consumption.

It remains, further and finally, understood that Alajmo S.p.A. has, as its first goal, the satisfaction of its customers. Without prejudice, therefore, to the aforementioned provisions, in case of objective impediment of customers (or third parties to whom the gift is intended) to take advantage of what has been purchased, we invite you to immediately contact Alajmo S.p.A. by telephone, at 049 630303, in order to verify the possibility of agreeing any changes to date, time or other elements that allow the Customer to use the Services which he should, without his responsibility, be unable to use.

Right of withdrawal 

The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the established contract without any penalty and without specifying the reason within 10 days from receiving the products. The right of withdrawal will be exerted by sending a registered letter with reception notice to Alajmo S.p.A. via Liguria n.1, 35030 Rubano (Pd). The Customer should clearly specify his/her reason in withdrawing from the contract and send a sealed parcel containing the purchased goods in their original packages to the same address. Parcels paid by cash on delivery or carriage forward parcels will not be collected. The return costs will be charged completely to the customer. Alajmo S.p.A. will give back the whole paid price, after the shipment costs, within 30 days from the notice of the right of withdrawal exerted by the Customer.

The withdrawal price can be exerted only by a physical person, meaning private consumers who do not act for professional scopes.

The right of withdrawal can be applied only if the returned goods are integral and cannot be exerted for products that, due to their nature, cannot be sent back or that risk in being altered or deteriorated rapidly.

Alajmo S.p.A. is entitled to refuse or cancel an order or an article included in the order in one of the following cases:
items not included in the catalogue are ordered, 
items that are not produced or distributed are ordered, 
fraud of credit card 

Law and place of jurisdiction 

Any controversy relevant to the application, execution, interpretation and breach of the purchase contract is subjected to Italian law and will be managed exclusively by the Court of Padua, except for the imperative jurisdiction of the courts foreseen by the law.

Withdrawal right of the personal data and other rights

With reference to the regulations specified in Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the "privacy code"), take note of the following:

1. the concerned person is entitled to know if his/her data are held, even if it has not been recorded yet, as well as to obtain its correct communication.

2. The concerned person is entitled to have the following information:

a) the origin of his/her personal data;

b) the purposes of data processing;

c) the software applied in the event of the data bring processed by electronic instruments;

d) the identification data of the holder, responsible persons or representatives appointed according to the art. 5, paragraph;

e) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or whom can know the data in their function as a representative appointed in the territory of the state, responsible people or people in charge.

3. The concerned person is entitled to obtain the following:

a) the updating, correction, or, if he is interested in, integration of his/her personal data;

b) cancellation, transformation in an anonymous form or stopping the processing of personal data, including the data that must be kept according to the scopes for which it was collected and later processed;

c) the confirmation that the operations specified in the letter a) and b) are known, together with their contents, by the people to whom the data was communicated or diffused, except in the case in which it is impossible to fulfil that or if this confirmation implies a use of means that are clearly unproportioned as regards to the protected right.

4. The concerned person is entitled to refuse partially or completely:

a) that his/her personal data be processed, even if pertaining to the scope of the collection, provided that there are legitimate reasons;

b) that his/her personal data is processed to the scope of sending advertising material, direct sales, market research or commercial communication. 

Information and complaints

For further information, please contact:
Alajmo S.p.A.
via Liguria, 1
Rubano (PD)

+39 049 630303